The Best Seed Banks For Your Cannabis Needs

The Best Seed Banks For Your Cannabis Needs

Intro: Want to be a successful marijuana grower? Pro-tip number one: work with the best seed banks in the biz. No matter how long you toil in your cannabis garden, it’s all for naught if you don’t plant strong weed seeds. Starting with solid product genetics is the easiest way to increase your odds of enjoying bountiful, beautiful buds come harvest time.

Of course, finding quality marijuana seeds is a challenging endeavor in the 21st century. As the cannabis industry continues to blossom, countless new seed banks are sprouting up like, well, weeds! Some of these companies are highly (pun intended) reputable, but others are downright scammers.

To help you find the best online seed bank, we’ve compiled this easy-to-follow list of the world’s best banks. Each of these companies has been carefully analyzed to ensure they truly live up to their lofty claims. Please consider working with any of these high-quality marijuana seed banks for your next marijuana growing project.

1. Dutch Seeds Shop

First opened in 1998, Dutch Seeds Shop (DSS) has earned a reputation as one of the best seed banks for international customers. Headquartered in Amsterdam, this company now boasts a catalog of over 150 cannabis strains, all of which have a staggering 85 percent germination rate.

Just a few award-winning strains you’ll find in DSS’s feminized seed catalog include Northern Lights, OG Kush, Green Crack, and Jack Herer. DSS also has an extensive list of autoflowering seeds like Chronic Auto, Blue Moonshine Auto, and Girl Scout Cookies Auto. To date, about 15,000 customers have successfully used DSS for their weed needs.

All of DSS’s products are shipped worldwide in discreet packages. No matter where you live, DSS will ship your order via TNT Priority Airmail within 24-hours after receiving your workday purchase. To help avoid detection from customs officials, DSS charges a flat rate shipping fee for all customers.

DSS also offers free seeds with any purchase exceeding $100. If you buy $100 worth of goods on DSS’s website, you will receive 10 high-quality feminized seeds completely free of charge.

As customers reach checkout, they will find numerous payment options listed on DSS’s website. In addition to VISA and MasterCard, DSS now accepts bank transfers, Bitcoins, Western Union, and cash in any currency.

If you haven’t received your order from DSS within 21 days or you experience some other issues, you could always contact DSS’s dedicated customer service team online or by phone. DSS is very accommodating to its customers’ needs and will resolve issues on a case-by-case basis.

By the way, beginning growers will find a great deal of useful info on DSS’s free online grow guide. First-time cultivators should definitely give this highly detailed webpage a readthrough when shopping on DSS's site.

2. Sensi Seeds

When it comes to cannabis banks, few names are as widely respected as Sensi Seeds (SensiS) Ever since it was founded in the mid-1980s, the Amsterdam-based vendor has been a pioneer in cannabis innovation and education. In addition to operating one of the largest banks in the world, this company owns the internationally renowned Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum to help educate the public on marijuana’s history and uses.

Today, it’s estimated there are about 500 different marijuana strains available on SensiS’ website. A few popular strains in feminized category include names like Skunk #1, Master Kush, Sensi Skunk, and Shiva Skunk. The bank also has many autoflowering seeds, CBD products, hemp foods, and vaporizers available on its main website.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t ship directly to the United States. American customers interested in the company’s products will have to do purchases via a third-party vendor. Customers in EU nations, however, often receive their products within about five business days.

Another negative some clients mention when discussing SensiS has to do with the company’s prices. This is an elite bank so expect to pay top dollar company’s coveted cannabis seed.

As an aside, those more interested in hemp-related goods should look into SensiS’ secondary company HempFlax.

3. I Love Growing Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is yet another well-respected Dutch company offering premium marijuana seeds. Although it might not have as extensive a selection as other banks, ILGM makes up for its limited catalog with first-class customer care, superior products quality, and generous shipping policies.

Initially, ILGM started out as a blog to help home growers expand their marijuana knowledge. Since that time, founder Robert Bergman has built a reputation for his growing expertise and the strong feminized, autoflowering, and regular seeds available on his website.

Currently, there are about 80 different cannabis strains available on ILGM’s main webpage. A few popular names in ILGM’s catalog include Amnesia Haze, Grand Daddy Purple, and AK-47 Auto. As a smaller operation, you won’t have as wide a selection to choose from here, but every strain on offer is of the highest quality.

On the pro side, ILGM is one of the few seed banks that ship to USA for free. European clients also enjoy free shipping from ILGM. Folks in Australia and New Zealand, however, need to spend at least $150 to enjoy this shipping perk. ILGM guarantees delivery to all its customers, which means you will get a replacement order if you report a delivery issue to ILGM’s 24/7 customer care line.

ILGM makes it easy to pay for your items with many approved payment options. In addition to standard credit cards, ILGM accepts bank transfers, bank deposits, cash, and Bitcoin.

The highlight of ILGM's site, however, is its forum. Cannabis enthusiasts from around the world love to share their knowledge on ILGM, and visitors will find boatloads of information on different growing techniques. Best of all, many of ILGM’s educational material is totally free to the public.

Due to the company's superb educational resources, ILGM is one of the best seed banks for new home growers. Indeed, many of ILGM’s special grow kits and fertilizers are manufactured with the novice grower in mind. Definitely take a look around ILGM if you’re just getting into the world of marijuana cultivation.

4. Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme (SS) has certainly made a name for itself in the cannabis industry since its 2013 founding. Based in the UK, this company now works with some of the world’s best seed banks to offer clients premium products for reasonable prices. Get this: a few banks that now work with SS include Sensi Seeds, Seedsman, Royal Queen Seeds, and Barney’s Farm.

Because SS works with so many breeders, they boast one of the most extensive lists of strains in the business. Current estimates suggest there are about 2,500 different cannabis strains available in SS’s feminized, autoflowering, medicinal, and regular seeds categories.

Indeed, the major reason people love using SS is to take advantage of the company’s wide selection of strains. If you can’t find the strain you’re looking for on this site, then you’re probably not looking hard enough.

Note: you won’t enjoy “guaranteed delivery” unless you purchase insurance from SS (about $10). By the way, it’s not unheard of for SS to send clients strains similar to the ones they purchased if they have an issue with the specific variety they ordered.

One slight con of ordering through SS is that the company doesn’t offer free shipping on any order below $245. SS does, however, have a loyalty rewards program (aka Kush Money) where return customers could earn serious discounts on future orders.

Please remember that SS is based in the UK, which means they cannot legally give you any information on germination, expected yield, and THC content.

5. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Created in 1997, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) is a well-established name in the seed bank business. With over 120 different strains, there’s plenty of good quality cannabis products to choose from using AMS’s website.

One area where AMS distinguishes itself from the pack is its wide array of combination packs. Customers who purchase these packets get at least two of AMS’s most popular feminized or autoflowering items at a huge discount. It’s well worth checking out AMS’s combo packs if you’re budget-browsing.

In addition to the standard feminized, autoflowering, and regular varieties, AMS has a plethora of unique high-CBD strains such as Fedora 17, Charmagnola, and Felina 32. AMS also has “white seeds” on its website, which refers to strains that bud with thick trichome coatings (e.g. White Widow, Super Nova, and White Queen).

While clients in most EU countries, the USA, and Canada can order from AMS, the company currently doesn’t offer global shipping. A few countries that cannot order from AMS’s online portal include Australia, Italy, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates.

Speaking of shipment policies, AMS currently offers free shipping to most of the approved countries on its roster. Customers should receive their orders in no more than 21 business days. AMS also has a robust reimbursement policy for those who don’t receive their items within the estimated delivery time.

6. Crop King Seeds

Any Canadian cannabis growers out there have probably heard of Vancouver’s Crop King Seeds (CKS) before. Founded in 2005, CKS is a relatively small operation that has steadily been working its way onto many prominent lists of the world’s top ten seed banks.

Since CKS is still growing, it currently only offers clients about 40 different marijuana strains to choose from. The company guarantees, however, an 80 percent germination success rate for these feminized, autoflowering, and regular seeds.

CKS also offers a few unique high-CBD strains in its catalog for those who are interested. These strains include high-CBD Diesel, Dutch Treat, and Dream.

Of course, since CKS is based in Canada, it’s easiest for Canadian residents to get their hands on the company’s goods. That being said, CKS does offer worldwide shipping in discreet packaging.

You can choose from a wide variety of flat-rate shipping options at checkout depending on how fast you want your items. For a regular shipment to either the USA or Canada, you only have to pay $10. For tracking to either of these countries, however, you’ll need to tack on an extra $20. People from other countries usually have to pay between $20-$30 for their shipping charges.

Customers who don’t receive their order by the scheduled due date can expect CKS to send another order totally free of charge. A big perk of working with CKS is they have a 24/7 phone and video chat customer care team.

Please keep in mind only Canadians can use bank transfers as a payment option. Non-Canadians will have to use CKS’ other approved payment methods like cash, credit cards (excluding American Express), or Bitcoin.

7. Seedsman

Headquartered in Barcelona, Seedsman (SM) first entered the online marijuana seed market in 2003. Since that time, this company has grown tremendously and works with dozens of the world's best banks.

Indeed, current estimates suggest SM sells premium cannabis seeds from roughly 100 high profile banks like Sensi Seeds, Barney’s Farm, and Ministry of Cannabis. That translates to literally thousands of different marijuana strains now available in SM’s catalog.

Another reason customers like dealing with SM is that they are incredibly proactive in the marijuana legalization movement. A portion of every purchase on SM goes directly into the company’s efforts both to educate the public on cannabis-related issues and preserve quality genetics.

As one of the marijuana industry’s largest companies, clients enjoy a wide range of payment options on SM including credit cards, money orders, checks, and bank transfers. Just keep in mind that people who use Bitcoin often receive a discount on SM’s site.

SM does ship its products globally, but you won’t enjoy free shipping on this website. Your specific shipping rate will depend on how far you live from SM. On the flipside, SM offers a loyalty program that could help offset these shipping costs.

Clients should know that SM won’t automatically resend cannabis items if you report a problem with your order. You must purchase additional “Delivery Insurance” upon checkout for SM to cover any items that are lost or intercepted in the mail.

SM now has customer service departments in Europe and the USA. Most people who use this service, however, report that it’s difficult to get a hold of a real employee as the company relies heavily on automated messages.

Bottom line: SM is one of the best choices for people who are looking for a huge selection of high-quality seeds, a strong loyalty program, and loads of educational info. You might not get the quality customer care of a smaller business, but you will enjoy the conveniences of working with a big company.

8. Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) is an Amsterdam-based seed bank known for its dedication to organic agriculture, grower education, and strain experimentation. In operation for roughly 20 years, RQS now has an online seed bank and a few brick-and-mortar stores in Spain and the Netherlands.

The bulk of RQS’s portfolio is focused on the autoflowering and feminized categories. Some of the more legendary names in the RQS catalog include Amnesia Haze, Royal Cookies, and Royal Moby.

While they’re best known for feminized and autoflowering varieties, RQS has also entered the CBD market in a big way. Besides offering CBD oils, RQS now has award-winning CBD strains in their portfolio including Euphoria and Medical Mass.

RQS places a strong focus on educating cannabis growers with both free blog posts and for-purchase grower’s guides. Clients will also find plenty of growing tools, soils, and other secondary materials throughout RQS’s website.

Unfortunately, RQS currently only ships items to selected European nations and Chile. As a plus, people who live in European countries where RQS operates enjoy free shipping and generous return policy. RQS also has many free incentives for higher spending like extra seeds, lighters, and complimentary smoking paper.

People who live outside of these zones, however, will need to purchase RQS seeds from third-party vendors. But no matter where you live, home growers should take advantage of all the free educational resources RQS publishes on its blog.

European cannabis growers interested in working with a legendary Amsterdam-based bank can’t take a pass on investigating RQS’s catalog.

9. Marijuana Seeds NL

The UK-based Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) prides itself on being one of the most rigorous cannabis banks online. Indeed, thanks to MSNL’s stringent screening procedures, the company feels confident enough to offer a 90 percent germination rate on all of its seeds.

Created in 1999, MSNL now has about 200 strains available in the following categories: feminized, autoflowering, high CBD, and regular. A few of the hottest strains in MSNL’s portfolio include names like Girl Scout Cookies, Auto Blue Dream, OG Kush, and Blueberry.

As customers explore MSNL’s hot strains, they will undoubtedly discover one of this bank’s major drawbacks: its prices. Yes, customers must pay extra to enjoy this company’s spectacularly screened seeds.

To MSNL’s credit, it now offers value packs so clients could try out multiple strains for more reasonable prices. Frugal shoppers can find the “budget” tab on the value pack page for some of MSNL’s best deals.

MSNL has different shipping options designed to fit each customer’s particular risk tolerance. Standard shipping is set at about £6 and doesn’t include tracking, stealthy packaging, or guaranteed delivery. People who just want stealth packaging will have to spend an extra £11; those who want both stealth protection and guaranteed delivery, however, must tack on about £17.

All that being said, MSNL offers special deals to customers who spend certain dollar amounts on their website. For instance, those living in the UK who buy over £55 can enjoy free shipping. It usually takes no longer than 25 days for MSNL’s items to reach your home address no matter where you live.

In summary, MSNL is a high-end bank offering a strong selection of premier strains. Customers who don’t mind splurging on strong genetics will be most interested in investing in MSNL products.

10. Gorilla Seed Bank

Even people with experience in the cannabis industry might not have heard of Gorilla Seed Bank (GSB) before. Formed a few years ago, this UK company is just starting to break into the competitive world of online seed banks. Despite its small size, GSB has earned a fervent social media following and plans to expand operations in the ensuing years.

Let’s start with the bad news: GSB doesn’t have the greatest selection of strains. It does have, however, solid partnerships with other powerful banks.

For instance, you’ll find feminized and auto genetics from companies like Dutch Passion, Barney’s Farm, and Big Buddha on GSB’s online store. Oftentimes these products are offered at surprising discounts thanks to GSB’s lower operational costs.

Not only are seeds generally less expensive on GSB, the company frequently offers special gifts free of charge. People who spend certain dollar amounts could be rewarded with free seeds, so it pays to follow the company on social media.

GSB ships worldwide and offers guaranteed & stealth features for extra fees. You’ll need to spend at least £99 to get free shipping without stealth shipping privileges. Customers who’ve used GSB in the past sometimes report minor shipping errors, but they also consistently praise the company’s customer service.

Anyone interested in working with an up-in-coming bank is the best fit for GSB. Growers who aren’t too picky about their strains will be rewarded with lower prices, plenty of perks, and quality customer care.

11. Barney’s Farm

Shortly after Barney’s Farm opened in 1992, it has enjoyed a prominent status in Amsterdam's marijuana culture. But you don’t have to live in the Netherlands to enjoy Barney’s cannabis concoctions. To help spread their strains to other nations, Barney’s Farm has officially entered the online seed bank space.

People who visit the Barney’s Farm website will now find dozens of feminized, high-CBD, autoflowering, and regular varieties to choose from. Just a few of the strains that made Barney’s Farm famous include the following: Critical Kush, G13 Haze, and Pineapple Chunk.

The major con with ordering items on Barney’s Farm’s website is the company doesn’t offer shipping to major markets in North America, Europe, and Oceania. For instance, Barney’s Farm currently doesn’t send products to the USA, Australia, Canada, and Norway.

Most often people who order Barney’s Farm products online have to work with a third party vendor. There’s also a list of local distributors that sell Barney’s Farm seeds on the company’s website worth a quick peek.

Barney’s Farm now offers free shipping to European customers for purchases of €100 and higher. International buyers, on the other hand, have to spend at least €200 to get free shipping. On top of free shipping, Barney’s Farm also offers at least one free seed for all purchases over €20.

Shipping times from Barney’s Farm vary depending on what region you’re ordering from. According to their official policies, Barney’s Farm should send you a confirmation email with detailed tracking information shortly after purchase.

If you don’t get your package or receive damaged goods, you can reach out to Barney’s Farm’s customer care division about reimbursement possibilities. Barney’s Farm evaluates refund issues on a case-by-case basis and does not cover shipping charges.

The most common payment methods used on Barney’s Farm include credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. Barney’s Farm doesn’t accept checks, postal orders, Paypal, or any payment option out of the USA.

12. Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis is a smaller marijuana seed operator that has been involved in the industry since the early 2000s. Once headquartered in Amsterdam, this now Barcelona-based business operates high-quality testing facilities in three European countries.

When Ministry of Cannabis started out, it offered customers autoflowering, feminized, and regular seeds, but things have changed a bit since then. Today, you’ll find feminized, autoflowering, and CBD varieties in Ministry of Cannabis’s catalog. The company says it got rid of regular variety because it wants to focus on offering clients higher quality experimental strains.

There are only about 20 different strains now available at Ministry of Cannabis, but the company has a nice mix of classics and one-of-a-kind strains. In addition to well-known names like White Widow, you’ll find new names like Zensation, Mandarin Haze, and Auto Cannabis Light on the Ministry of Cannabis's website.

To entice customers to shop at Ministry of Cannabis, the company now gives everyone who purchases products online one free marijuana seed. People who spend over €75 also enjoy free shipping on their order.

Although Ministry of Cannabis is a growing company, it does offer discreet shipping to global customers. Executives at Ministry of Cannabis say they will supply customers with a tracking number whenever possible to help them follow their delivery online.

Execs at Ministry of Cannabis work hard to send packages out within 48 hours after receiving a workday purchase. How long it takes for cannabis to arrive at your doorstep depends on your location, but it’s usually no longer than four months.

Ministry of Cannabis is best suited for cannabis consumers who are looking for a bit of an adventure. Since many of the Ministry of Cannabis’s strains are experimental, growing these novel hybrids could be an exciting experience for experienced marijuana cultivars. Ministry of Cannabis also has interesting specials sure to delight those looking for budget-friendly buds.   


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