One of the main concerns for both expert and novice outdoor marijuana cultivator, is the weather.

To achieve a healthy cycle of our cannabis plants need a warm temperature, light and water in the right proportions. 
Cannabis plants are able to withstand temperatures between 10 and 40 degrees C. When they reach these maximum stop growing. 
So the temperature should be between 17 and 30 degrees. 

The expert growers say the ideal temperature is 24 degrees. 

Obviously, we can not get 24 degrees all day. The temperature drops during the dark period and tends to rise at noon. 
But it is important to note that with very high temperatures the plants spend much of their energy to remove the heat of their bodies, and that at low temperatures the plants are weakened and may die. 

Knowing what are the optimal conditions for growing marijuana, is easy to think that the crop will not be possible in very cold or very hot countries. 
In top 10 weed seeds cannabis seeds have selected to fit smooth exterior and interior. 
If you have decided to plant seeds outdoors we give some details of the best varieties for each zone. 

Top 10 weed seeds for cold climates 

Cannabis growers who grow marijuana seeds in cold weather can not achieve good results with regular outdoor seeds. 
These growers are accustomed to using genetically engineered seeds treated to provide the greatest product in the shortest possible time. 

So in Top 10 weed seeds, we offer autoflowering weed and feminized seeds, and you ensure a good crop. 

The most important thing to consider in cold crops is to select seeds with high performance 
It is also important to be seed borne pests and fungi that usually occur at low temperatures. 
It is important to be ultra fast, seeds with short flowering periods. 
We recommend Indica plant varieties; more compact to keep its body free space for cold air does not enter. 
Varieties ideal for cold climates: 
Lemon Haze 
Pineapple Chunk 
Super Skunk 
White Widow 
Auto Nothern Lights 
Auto Pineapple Chunk 
Auto Somango 
Auto Jack Herer 
Auto Mazar 
Auto Super Skunk 

Top 10 weed seeds for temperate climates 

In temperate climates, are more likely to cultivation of marijuana has success. 
However, most template parts of the world are usually mild tendency to moisture. 
The humidity is favorable for the growth of the marijuana plant, but at the time of flowering becomes a great enemy. 
If there is high humidity is very likely that the plant develops mold, which can spoil a whole crop at its peak. 

Thanks to the work of many growers and seed banks may find moisture resistant varieties. Proof of this is the large amount of genetic developed in the Netherlands. 

The characteristics required of a marijuana plant for temperate climates are: 

Highly resistant to mold and mildew. 
Tall plants that are not very compact so they can breathe and get air between its nodes. 
We recommend sativa plants, higher and elongated. 
We also recommend autoflowering plants, rapidly maturing to prevent growth lengthen the Fall season, time of greatest risk of rain. 
Varieties ideal for temperate climates: 
Ak 47 
Jack Herer 
Amnezia Haze 
Auto Jack Herer 
Auto Mazar 
Auto Nothern Lights 
Auto Super Skunk 
Auto White Widow 

Top 10 weed seeds for warm climates 

It seems obvious to think that in hot weather will be easier to grow all varieties of marijuana. 
However, most studies suggest that cannabis is not suited to very high temperatures and very dry climates. 
The plants begin to suffer stress and have to spend a lot of energy to remove excess heat from your body. 

Therefore they become more vulnerable to pests and fungi. Also in cultures with very hot, the grower tends to make special efforts in the watered, often causing the opposite effect to what the plant needs, and giving too much water, which is also harmful. 

For these hot climates must seek marijuana strains with these characteristics: 

Sativa varieties with larger leaves that do not evaporate water from their leaves. 
Avoid compact plants that retain heat between its nodes. 
The plants that develop are better tall plants with more modest buds. 
So in Top 10 weed seeds we offer autoflowering weed and feminized seeds with a higher percentage of sativa, to guarantee you a good crop in warm weather. 

Varieties ideal for hot climates: 
Ak 47 
Jack Herer 
Amnezia Haze 
Auto Critical 
Auto Amnezia Haze 
Auto White Widow


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