Marijuana Planting Guide

The first step; choose the seed, site preparation and planting. 

We’re sure you’ve seen the varieties of marijuana top10weedseeds our catalog and have chosen some feminized and autoflowering that you want to try. Now is the best part … the process of cultivation of marijuana! 

We have created this simple guide to planting marijuana so you can follow it step by step and your crop a success. 

Whether you’re a novice or expert grower we are sure you will want to refresh some concepts about marijuana. 

Check out, we hope your comments! 

First step: Have you already chosen the cannabis strain you are going to plant?
If you have not yet chosen this should be the first the first question you should answer: Where will plant indoors or outdoors? 

If you’re a grown outdoors we recommend that you cultivate autoflowering or a higher percentage of Indica seeds. Search short-cycle seeds to see results in four months. 

If you’re going to grow indoors the Indica varieties are recommended, which usually have a smaller stature. In addition you must also adapt the place with a good light and a growing space, free from prying eyes. 

What do you need to start? 

For ouplanta con alambre tutortdoor crops: 

If you go to grow marijuana plant in the garden, terrace or in the mountains, you can do on the ground or grow your own plant in a pot. 

In both cases you need a bag of good quality land, you can buy it in Grow Shops, plant nurseries or shops. 

We recommend a pot large capacity approximately 20 liters. This plant will have a capacity of approximately 1.5 m. 

If you’re going to grow indoors it is very important to choose the situation that will place the pot. 

If you leave it near a window you’ll need a sack of good quality land and a pot of 12 liters. 

If you go to grow under artificial light will need a sack of good quality land, a container of 12 liters and of course, a light bulb, we will recommend the LED lights, but choose the option that best go to your pocket. 

Already have top10weedseeds seed, container and land of good quality and have also chosen the place, now you must look for a fertilizer. 

We recommend a solution to the flowering cycle, you can buy it or manufacture it yourself, you will find thousands of recipes on the net to make your own natural fertilizer. 

When to plant the seed of marijuana? 

If you decide to plant outdoors we recommend that you choose a spring weather, make sure that the night temperature is above 10 ° C, and it will not freeze. 

If you chose an autoflowering seed you can plant it at any time of the year but always make sure the weather is warm to hot. 

In indoor crops you can plant marijuana throughout the year, because you can have a full control over the temperature of your home. 

Notes: We recommend you plant your cuttings in a descending moon because you will get better rooting. 

How to plant the seed of marijuana? 

There are many ways to germinate the seeds of marijuana but we will explain the most simple and natural way. 

You’ll find thousands of tips to germinate the seed before planting with using napkins, cotton or coconut fiber, all are a good choice. 

But if this is the first time you do it, probably you will create too much moisture in the germination and end up rotting the seed, so we recommend you the most classic choice. 

Dig a hole in the ground, or in the pot that you bought, in the garden or in a container of your house. 

Buries the seed about 1 cm depth and water it. 

Now, we will let Mother Nature do the work, and wait a few days, two to four days. That easy! 


You should not water it too much because you run the risk of creating too much moisture, we recommend you try the soil is always slightly wet and compact. 

If plants outdoors, choose an appropriate place to make the hole and plant your seed. We recommend the best place to receive many hours of sunshine a day. 

If your crop is inside you do not need to put the pot in the sun until the plant has not grow up to the ground, especially if it is hot, over 20 degrees. 

Once your plant stems poke his first bud, put it to sunlight as long as possible. 

If you’re going to grow under artificial light is not necessary to turn on the focus until the seed go out of the ground. While, is better to leave the pot near a window to let in natural light from the street, and when the plant grow up of the ground, you can bring it under artificial light. 

Once the first stem and first leaves grow up, your marijuana plant will be in full growth stage. We hope you complete the first test and we want your comments to continue advising you in growing your plants.


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