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Nova OG

Nova OG seeds have strong Indica properties that make it a special hybrid strain. It is a result of cross between Jack Herer and Harlequin seeds. The most striking quality of these seeds is that they have equal proportions of THC and CBD. Due to this it is used to achieve a high as well as to treat symptoms of patients. It has been known to provide relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety. The plant grows moderate in height and has orange hairs. The seeds have a berry, earthy and woody flavor which is strong and refreshing at the same time. The effects of the strain are that it can make you feel totally relaxed and euphoric. It brings out the creativity and makes you more social. It does not leave you stoned and couch locked so you can enjoy it together with friends in an evening party. The medical uses of the strain are to treat patients with insomnia, stress , anxiety disorders and depression.

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