Best Strains 2019

Best Strains 2019

The best strains for indoor growing in 2019 are stable and abundant in THC. Since even an experienced grower is not always able to create comfortable cultivation conditions similar to the natural environment, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular, high yielding, award-winning cannabis strains of 2019 — the aroma in your grow box is going to be wonderful!

Best Indica Strains in 2019

Indica takes less space than sativa, therefore it is more convenient for planting in a grow box. Also, the flowering of indica, as a rule, occurs faster. We’ve selected the best indica strains that won awards in 2019.

Peanut Butter Breath

Best Indica Strains 2019. Peanut Butter Breath

 Height indoors  3.9-5.5 ft (1.2-1.7m)
 THC  21%
 Yield  Up to 600g per m² (2 oz per ft²)
 Flavor  Nutty, earthy


Peanut Butter Breath is a hybrid from ThugPug Genetics, it is a cup-winning cultivar that took first place at the Karma Cup in 2019 as the best Indica. This strain can be successfully grown both indoors and outdoors.

Created as a mix of Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath Peanut, this cultivar has a unique peanut butter terpene aroma. Its smell is nutty, its taste is earthy when you smoke it.

Peanut Butter Breath has an anti-inflammatory effect, due to a high amount of beta caryophyllene and humulene.

Effect of Peanut Butter Breath

Calming, even sedating, but somewhat energetic; this strain has good Indica properties without too much couch lock. A nice sativa effect will prevail at first mellowing you out and becoming Indica-like later on.

Older consumers provided with this variety will experience a better mood, clear head and relaxation.

Rainbow Candy Autoflowering

 Height indoors  Up to 3 ft (90 cm)
 THC  22%
 Yield  Up to 650g per m² (2.1 oz per ft²)
 Flavor  Sweet, candy


A cup winning Indica-dominant cultivar that won first place at the Highlife Cup 2019 in the category Automatics. One of the best autoflower strains of 2019. This is an automatic flowering crossbreed of ruderalis and Indica from Growers Choice. It needs around 77 days to reach the harvest stage, and fares well in soil indoors. This strain is known for its flavorsome smell, the buds are more like candies than weed — colorful and sweet. Welcome to the candy shop!

Effect of Rainbow Candy Autoflowering

This is a truly tasty and overall amazing strain of Indica dominance. It has quickly become a favorite among patients because it is great at eliminating negative thoughts. This variety is full of aroma and effects. It provides unique sensations that are absent in many other medical strains.

Critical Kush

Top strains 2019. Critical Kush

 Height indoors  3.2-4.9 ft (1-1.5m)
 THC  25%
 Yield  Up to 650g per m2 (2.1 oz per ft²)
 Flavor  Citrus


This variety won first place at the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup in the hydro category. This is one of the best strains for growers with some experience. It does not like high doses of fertilizer, it flowers in 9-10 weeks, and produces pretty large yields. Upon entering the flowering stage, it gets twofold taller. Lateral branches grow long, which allows them to form a flat crown. Trimming may be required. Pruning the main stem will not hurt, but may slow down maturation. Thick, dense buds with a minimum of foliage. By the time of full maturity, the stem becomes very strong.

Effect of Critical Kush Strain

Strong long-lasting relaxing and stoning effects. Good for nighttime smoking, improving mood, talkativeness, and sleep. It usually does not cause anxiety, dullness or paranoia. Tolerance to this strain develops slowly.

Best Sativa Strains in 2019

Growing pure sativa indoors is usually difficult because of its size and long flowering time, as well as a high air humidity required. Nevertheless, there are many indoor-adapted hybrid strains with sativa dominance. We’ve listed the best of them, award-winning strains of 2019.

Banana Punch

 Height indoors  3 ft (90 cm)
 THC  19%
 Yield  Around 595g per m² (1.9 oz per ft²)
 Flavor  Peppery, citrus, pine


Banana Punch is a 2019 cup-winning strain that took first place at the The Karma Cup. This strain was ranked as a Sativa, though the high it produces can sometimes be Indica-leaning. The ancestry of this cultivar actually categorizes it as a thoroughly mixed hybrid.

Best used for morning or daytime smoking, can be cultivated outdoors and indoors. It was descended from Banana OG and Purple Punch. Great for experienced cannabis users.

Effect of Banana Punch

Banana Punch helps to focus, boost creativity, and cerebral energy. It is truly wonderful in small quantities, but can give you paranoia when overused. 

Durban Poison

Best Sativa Strains 2019. Durban Poison

 Height indoors  6 ft (1.8m)
 THC  25%
 Yield  Around 350g per m² (1.1 oz per ft²)
 Flavor  Sweet licorice, anise


This cup-winning strain has never been mixed with other varieties; 100% sativa. Brought from the South African town of Durban, perfected in the Netherlands. 

This pot strain grows very well under LED lamps. One of the most popular strains in the world.

Effect of Durban Poison

The main effects of Durban Poison are instant onset and mental clarity. It can help to concentrate for 2-3 hours, as well as help with anxiety, fatigue, and stress without interfering with work. Suitable for use in the morning or during the day.

Acapulco Gold

 Height  6 ft (1.8m)
 THC  20%
 Yield  Up to 450g per m² (1.5 oz per ft²)
 Flavor  Earthy, pungent


Acapulco Gold appeared in 2010 and was soon awarded the Best Sativa Award at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. This strain was cultivated on the basis of Mexican sativa. Acapulco Gold got its name because of the unusual appearance of cannabis, the buds of which are covered in golden red hues.

Unlike other sativa-leaning hybrids, Acapulco Gold (sativa 80%, indica 20%) is not very tall. Indoors, it grows up to 80 cm, outdoors the height can reach 1.1m. In the natural environment, this marijuana takes root only in warm areas, the flowering time lasts 2 months. If you’re patient enough, Acapulco Gold will delight you with a rich harvest of 450g (16 oz) from a single plant and attractive appearance. Plants of this variety are highly resistant to gray mold and powdery mildew, but are vulnerable to spider mites.

Effect of Acapulco Gold

The Acapulco Gold strain boasts pronounced fruit aroma and contains THC of up to 21%, which ensures a long lasting high effect without disturbing coordination of movements. It perfectly relieves stress and relaxes the body. You can enjoy doing your favorite things with a boosted creativity. This is one of the best Sativa strains for reading books or just reflecting on philosophical questions. 

This variety truly deserves to be listed among the top strains, but it is worth noting that with excessive use, Acapulco can temporarily throw you out of reality. In its pure form, this cultivar is best to smoke in the morning, while in the evening you better mix it with some Indica, otherwise expect staying awake for quite a while.

Best Medical Cannabis Strain

Of course, depending on the diagnosis, different varieties of marijuana are required to combat symptoms. But here is the best medicinal strain of 2019.

Master Hemp

Best hybrid strains 2019 for medical use. Master Hemp

 Height  Up to 9.5 ft (3m)
 CBD  CBD 12%-16%
 THC  0.5%
 Yield  Up to 450g per plant (1.5 oz per plant)
 Flavor  Sweet


Master Hemp won first place at the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup 2019 in the category Most CBD. This plant grows better outdoors as it requires a lot of space to grow and mature. 

Master Hemp can grow as tall as 3 meters and yield around 450 grams of buds per plant. Under the right conditions, this strain can develop gorgeous purple flowers with a dense coating of CBD-abundant resin.

Effect of Master Hemp

The analgesic effect is notable. It can deliver a somewhat stone effect, chronic or postoperative pain relief. Being one of the best strains used for medical purposes, it calms the nervous system, and reduces the frequency of epileptic seizures.


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