Best Strains 2020

Best Strains 2020

We have selected the best strains of 2020, which, so far, have become the most noteworthy ones. Interested? Let's take a look at these wonderful prized top pot strains.

Z-Cube — Best Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strain

Best indica strains 2020 Z Cube

 THC  Up to 30%
 Flavor Grapefruit, berries


Z-Cube gained its popularity because of its tempting citrus berry aroma. The amount of THC in this indica-leaning marijuana reaches up to 30%. Z-Cube brings forth big flowers with lime green and fiery red hairs.

Dying Breeds Z Cube is a cup-winning hybrid that won first place in 2020 at Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup as the best Indica. Grown indoors this variety will need a flowering time of around 50 days. One of the best hybrid strains so far.

Effect of Z-Cube

If you’ve ever wanted to feel high and stoned at the same time, then this strain is for you. Get the feeling of the two worlds — a nice mix of Indica and Sativa.

Orange Sherbert — Another Great Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strain

Best indica strains Orange Sherbert

 THC  18%
 Flavor Citrus


Barneys Farm’s Orange Sherbert is another cup-winning Indica variety that took second place at the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup 2020.

Orange Sherbert is an Indica-leaning strain, whose flowering period lasts slightly longer than 60 days.

Effect of Orange Sherbert

This is a strong and uplifting Indica-leaning hybrid with intoxicating effects that will make you hungry. It is a mix of Purple Urkle, Orange Cream, and Cherry Pie that were all merged together in a single great citrus candy tasting cultivar. It produces thick purple and orange buds. Typical Indica-like calming effect relaxes the body and leaves the mind clear. A nice strain for sleep. Truly one of the best Indica strains in 2020.

This variety is very easy to cultivate. It seldom exceeds 1.4 meters (4.6 feet) and brings forth big juicy buds. Lateral branches may require support in the last few weeks of flowering.

Hawaiian Haze Hemp CBD Flower — Best Medical Strain

Best Medical Strain Hawaiian Haze Hemp CBD Flower

THC Less than 1%
CBD Up to 18%
Flavor Floral, pineapple, mango 


Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa-dominant CBD-rich strain that won 1st place in the category Best Flower at High Times Hemp Cup. This cultivar boasts great appearance, smelling, and tasting. All CBD lovers will be impressed by these tasty buds reminiscent of sweet fruits when smelled and pine when smoked.

Effect of Hawaiian Haze Hemp CBD Flower

This variety is quite potent, so expect it to relax you fast; after which, get ready for a sound sleep. Aside from delivering a relaxed feeling, this variety of medical marijuana is particularly known for painkilling properties.

Growing pure sativa indoors is usually difficult because of its size and long flowering time, as well as a high air humidity required. Nevertheless, there are many indoor-adapted hybrid strains with sativa dominance. We’ve listed the best of them, award-winning strains of 2019.


OMG — One of the Best Hybrid Strains

Best hybrid strains OMG

 THC  Up to 27%
 Flavor Sweet


OMG is a hybrid strain made by Ripper Seeds. This hybrid is a cup-winning one, it took third place at the Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup 2020. It grows well both indoors and outdoors with a flowering period that lasts slightly more than 65 days. This strain has a pretty high THC content. Its dark green trichomes full of resin will fill your room with a pleasant sweetish scent.

Effect of OMG

The OMG cannabis strain is really powerful. It was awarded as the 3rd best Sativa because of the head high it produces. Your perception will be enhanced — sounds will be clearer, colors will be brighter, consciousness will be wider. OMG rightfully belongs to the best pot strains in 2020.


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