Discover the 6 marijuana curiosities more incredible!

1. Marijuana, the most environmentally friendly paper 

Sabias...-canamoHemp fiber is of a higher quality than the wood fiber. There are fewer caustic chemicals used to make paper from hemp than wood. 

Furthermore hemp cultivation is easier than the cultivation of trees. The plants are ready to make paper in a harvest. By contrast, trees need a lifetime to be exploited. 

An acre of hemp equals 4.10 acres of trees to make paper 

The paper made from hemp non-yellowing and lasts much longer. 

All schoolbooks were made from hemp until 1980. 

2. Cultivate marijuana; American patriotism 
hThere was an American law dating from 1619, that required farmers to grow hemp. Les forced to cultivate the plant in its male version, which don’t has psychedelic effects, for multiple industry applications and navigation, fabric and paper. 

The first American flag was printed in hemp cloth. It is known that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had hemp farms. 

This plant was so instituted in society, even said that the draft of the United States Declaration of Independence was on hemp paper. 

3. Smoking marijuana, can help the lungs 
descargaRecent studies on marijuana assets 5000 by the University of Alabama, claim that marijuana increases lung capacity. 

This study measures the ability of the lungs of those who consume marijuana joints only, without snuff. Individuals were sampled, smoked about 6 joints in a week. 

Similarly, another study published in 2005 by UCLA also shows that smoking marijuana helps prevent lung cancer. Marijuana unlike the snuff does not contain nicotine, but it has high levels of cannabinoids and THC. Some studies claim that these elements fighting lung cancer. 

Also, there has been no documented death from cannabis, studies claim that it is impossible to die from an overdose of marijuana. 

4. Marihuana, the perfect plastic. 
hemp-fibreHemp oil works like oil but in a organic version. Oil can be made resistant plastic and malleable plastic comparable with the best in the market. 

The difference is that the plastic who is made from hemp is completely biodegradable. Numerous studies claim that over time, those derived from hemp oil would decompose without harming the environment. 

On the contrary, plastic made from petroleum, are one of the main drivers of environmental destruction. 

The process for producing hemp plastics, such as hemp paper is not as aggressive as what we use now. Waste not harm rivers. The hemp products are safe and 100% natural. 

5. Cannabis: Male and Female in 
imagesThe cannabis plant is the only plant that exists on the planet documented so far, which has a physically different female and male version. 

Certainly there are many plants in male and female version in the plant kingdom, but none are as easy to recognize as the marijuana plant. 

The males posses a little balls with pollen storing at intersections of the stems. They are easily recognizable. 

Meanwhile, females have two hairs white or even red, leaving an elongated green bag next to the same intersection where the males appear the balls. 

6. Marijuana; makes us happier 
images (1)When marijuana is used as alternative medicine, there are multiple benefits it brings. 

Its use has been known since the VI BC in ancient China, where it appears as a medicine, a super food and a good source of fuel for households. 

Today is prescribed marijuana as a medicine for common ailments and serious illnesses such as stress, insomnia, cancer or chronic pain. 

The use of marijuana increases the power of self-healing patients and brings great benefits to psychological level, so that the healing process be faster than with common medications. 

Its nutritional power is very high; contains 3 times more Omega 3 than fish oil, and it regulates the nervous system, and balances our hormones. 

Also makes us live in a better environment. The uses of plant fiber itself are numerous. It can be processed into rope, paper, clothes, linen, fuel and all without damaging the mediomabiente. 

Undoubtedly, the cultivation of marijuana makes our earth, a better place to live, greener and respectful of nature.


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