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Auto Northern Lights

This is a quintessential Indica autoflowering. Born from ...

Auto Mazar

Auto Mazar is a feminized autoflowering variety with a high ...

Auto Somango

Smoke an Auto Somango is the equivalent of drinking a fruit ...

Auto Super Skunk

Super Skunk Variety is one of the most consistent strains ...

Auto Pineapple Chunk

The Auto Pineapple Chunk variety of is really a hit for ...

Auto White Widow

White Widow is possibly one of the most famous marijuana ...

Auto Jack Herer

This variety Auto Jack Herer is a success of cannabis ...

Auto Critical

Auto Critical is version autoflowering hybrid cannabis ...

AK Auto

AK Auto is one of the most productive and homogeneous ...

Auto Amnesia Haze

Auto Amnesia Haze is one of the varieties most valued ...

Lemon Haze

If you like marijuana strains with citrus flavors this ...


L.S.D is the result of crossing Skunk x Mazar. A powerful ...

Best Place to Buy Hemp Seeds

Top 10 WeedSeeds is a reputable seed company that does its best to deliver high-quality marijuana seeds at an affordable price, reliable and fast, using careful shipping methods. We are happy to advise and serve clients around the world, sharing our experience and know-how in cannabis cultivation. Each order at 10 WeedSeeds is handled professionally, with respect to your privacy and needs. In this way, we can provide you with the best customer service and excellent support. Discover it!

Want to Buy Hemp Seeds from Holland?  

Since the quality of the products is not in doubt, the question naturally arises for the growers is where to buy Dutch cannabis seeds? In this case, you’d like them to be delivered by mail: legally, cheaply, and in the original packaging, and, preferably, confidentially. You can order a variety of seeds in our store - it's easy!

Our Advantages

Buyer safety is an unprincipled priority for our store. Top 10 WeedSeeds guarantees the highest level of privacy for customers. To complete a purchase, it is sufficient to provide the minimum amount of information required to submit an order. We store personal data of registered users on secure and reliable servers, and under no circumstances do we transfer them to third parties.

In addition to the security of personal information, we also scrupulously approach reliable and inconspicuous packaging. All hemp seeds are shipped in a shatterproof, inconspicuous container that guarantees the safety of the goods during transportation.

Quality. We sell only original hemp seeds. For many years we have been cooperating with the most famous seedbanks of the world and have earned a reputation as a trusted partner among thousands of growers across the planet. Seed material is stored in specialized premises while maintaining the necessary standards of temperature, ventilation, humidity, and light. Before sending an order to a customer, elite hemp seeds are subjected to a thorough visual inspection for cracks or defects.

Saving. Every month we organize contests and promotions, giveaways and give gifts to our customers. With every order, you are guaranteed to get a nice bonus in the form of seeds or souvenirs. The store constantly operates a discount program, as well as a flexible system of discounts.


We Provide Convenience and Simplicity

Timely delivery and around the clock support. Formed orders are processed within one hour and sent to the buyer within 24 hours. We offer the widest choice of delivery and payment methods. Our store operators are always online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Convenient interface and search tools. Buy hemp seeds will not be difficult. Just a few mouse clicks and the product will be issued. To make purchases it is not necessary to be a registered user. Every year we improve the service, making it understandable and simple. Cannabis seeds are categorized, making it easy to find.


Buy Cannabis Seeds Online: Is It Legal?

Most countries are allowed to buy marijuana seeds online and have seeds at your disposal. Cannabis seeds are often protected by law for the protection and preservation of plant varieties. To ensure that buying seeds is legal in your case, please read the laws of your country and region. We deliver our seeds all over the world.


How to Find the Right Seeds?

Finding the right weed seeds can be difficult. You might be looking for a certain kind of seed to grow a good skunk or jackpot. We will try to help you. In our online catalog, you will find a wide range of highly effective weed seeds. Our seeds have different classifications and benefits. Ranging from the most popular and cheapest weed seeds to the rarest and most expensive varieties available. On our website you will find the highest quality regular hemp seeds and feminized weed seeds, such as seeds with high CBD, seeds for colder climates, high-yielding seeds, seeds for growing indoors, growing outdoors, seeds with high THC, low THC or seeds with special benefits and exotic flavors.


How to Pay?

On our website, you can pay safely, at low cost and at your convenience. We accept many payment methods, such as debit cards, credit cards (Mastercard, American Express and Visa) and bank transfer. Do you prefer additional anonymity? Use one of our anonymous payment methods, such as bitcoins or cash.