10 reasons to buy in Top 10 Weed Seeds

10 reasons to buy in Top 10 Weed Seeds

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1.- Specialists weed seeds

Our experience in the sale and distribution of cannabis seeds has permitted createTop10weedseeds platform. A space where you can find the best products.

We specialize in offering the best cannabis seeds market, the best price and with the best guarantees.

We create bonds of trust from the first purchase with all our customers, because we offer the most advanced varieties on the market for a great price.

2.- Our commitment; the best product

This project has committed to provide the best cannabis seeds for both expert and novice growers. This goal motivates us every day to work actively to provide a professional service of high quality with the focus always provide solutions with greater efficiency and rigor.

For that, our team will respond as quickly as possible to all your questions about cannabis varieties we sell.

Our treatment is always sweet, close and readable, something that you will value from day one.

3.- Seeds Bulk; How many do you want?

Our experience in the marketing and distribution of marijuana seeds has allowed us to observe the client searches, and we want to offer all the flexibility to purchase their seeds.

Whether it is for novice or expert growers, our products are sold as a unit, to provide all facilities in purchasing. We know there is the possibility that you decide to plant more than one variety of a crop, then why do you need a pack of 5 seeds?

We believe in your freedom in purchase.

4.- Top 10: only the best

There are over 200 native varieties of marijuana cataloged biologically. If we add to this figure the varieties and hybrids that manufacturers have developed marijuana since the early 80s, we find a vast catalog of products that can become a nightmare when choosing.

We have selected the best, just 10 varieties feminized and 10 autoflowering varieties. We offer the most sold and sought by growers and consumers. With our selection ,success is assured.

5.- Seeds unbranded

Today there are many seed banks in the market willing to offer their products to growers. There is also a large variety of coffeeshops and amateur growers engaged in distributing their own varieties and their copies.

Competition is impressive.

Therefore, the major brands must invest large advertising budget to get distance themselves from smaller producers and be elected by users. This investment in advertising is reflected in the price of the seeds that are branded. As a result the products are more expensives and sometimes, become unaffordable for grower’s pocket.

6.- Unique Price

Our seeds have a single price because we want to try all our varieties without getting influenced by the economy.

As we buy large quantities, we are able to offer a minimum price for seed, and thanks to our links with the most reliable suppliers, you can benefit from this offer.

7.- Sell to everyone

We have the opportunity and the means to deliver product worldwide. We have logistics providers that after years of experience, are used to transport such goods. Our service is to all countries.

Check out our shipping once placed your order. If you have questions, contact us, we will be happy to assist.

8.- Guaranteed Seeds

Our quality department has selected the most reliable among the most powerful cannabic seed sector providers.

All our seeds are supplier warranty and have been tested by the research and development departments to prove their fertility and productivity.

9.- We accept different payment methods

We have developed a secure payment system specific so you can purchase with complete safety.

We accept all credit cards and bank transfer. You decide how you feel more comfortable when paying.

10.- Discreet Shipping

Our experience has taught us that the most important in the distribution and sale of the product is your safety.

Therefore we designed a curious proof packaging. This package not only ensures correct product transportation and conservation, also is discreet and easy to carry.

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